Saturday, March 27, 2010

10 application of choice for your blackberry

Hello friends, Do you have a Blackberry ? it seems a pity if only used for sms and calls only, while there are many third-party applications that can add functionality and to maximize your cell phone to not only be a means of communication. Here I have selected 10 applications selected for your blackberry.

1. Blackberry Facebook
Your activities will be increasingly easy to access facebook using this application. Notification will be instantly displayed your home screen, efficient and practical.

2. Live View
This application is interesting enough, you can notify  where you live and the presence of a visual medium with a realistic map Gamba

3. Rove - Mobile File Manager
For a smart phone, file manager required for your phone. Especially in a cluttered sort files, in addition to using this application you can access the FTP and tentun only supports uploading and downloading, there are also built-in notepad in this application, features luxurious enough for a freeware.

4. KeePass for the Blackberry
You ever use a PC version of its application would have been familiar with this application usability. By using this application you can secure your data from the hands of irresponsible people in a way encrypt it.

5. Disco Bowling
Playing games may relieve tired when you are bored at work, how about bowling? This game feels worthy of being your friend soften your bored.

6. Auto-Lock
By using this application is concerned you do not need anymore in case you forgot to lock the keypad, Auto-Lock will lock the phone keypad backlight if you die or you can also set their own.

7. Softreset
From the name you would know the use of this application is to reset the phone, with this tool you will work more efficiently, you can reset the phone without having to open the battery.

8. Mobipocket Reader
Ebook reader has been properly installed on your mobile phone. Quick, which features complete and easy to use.

9. Opera Mini for Blackberry
If you want to try a browser that is faster than your default browser, maybe you can try Opera. Big name as one of the Opera browser for mobile phones is no question.

10. XPlayer Mobiola 1.2.0
This player can play various audio and video files, also available internet radio facility.

All these applications can be downloaded at

I hope this information is useful to you.

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